Mini Stock Tank

£80.00 inc VAT

4ft Oval Stock Tank

Dimensions 90m x 60cm x 30cm
Capacity 180 ltr
Weight 15kg

These tanks feature 4 ply locked seams with contained sealant. The top contains a 22mm (0.875in) steel pipe rolled into the top edge to create a smooth crush-proof finish. The tanks also have a 19mm (0.75in) zinc coated, threaded plug assembly to enable the tank to be drained.
Made with G90 steel, galvanised steel that has been subjected to a chemical process to prevent rusting.The diameter of the products supplied may vary approx. 10 cm from the specified diameter.

These tanks have a wide range of uses from paddling pools, dog baths, planters, ice buckets and mini ponds. We can also offer vinyl wrapping and personalised colours, patterns and text at additional costs, please contact us for further information

Hastings tanks are primarily intended for the use in agricultural watering of livestock and so may have small dents or scratches on them. The sizes vary by approx 10cm as they are stacked inside each other for transportation.